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The simHERO is a prepaid multi-operator SIM card that works in EU countries.

SIM HERO is a cost-effective solution with good network coverage, low prices, and no monthly commitment. SIM HERO is the prepaid solution provided by Freeeway GmbH Austrian MNVO mobile network operator. 

The SIM HERO is intended for use in dog tracking devices.

Key Features:

  • Immediately active with preloaded credit of 10.00 EUR
  • No monthly fees
  • Stay active at all times, even in the off-season
  • The SIM card offers better network coverage than normal local SIM cards
  • No regular recharge periods *
    * Observe the provider's conditions.

An effective SIM solution for your dog tracking device, game camera or other devices

  • You only pay for what you use. No monthly or annual basic fees. 
  • You can conveniently top-up, check your credit balance using SIM HERO portal You just need to login and register your card
  • The costs of an average hunting day (in the EU) are between € 0.3 and € 0.8.
  • The use of the SIM is also inexpensive abroad. If you are abroad, you pay the same usage fee as in your home country (in the EU)
  • SMS from the device to the phone € 0.09 / SMS and data consumption by the dog collar € 0.19 / MB (EU).
  • The use of SMS for location and settings is a bit more expensive compared to the pure use of mobile data
  • No extra SIM costs incurred when you call the collar

You can find the roaming partner list here

SimHERO credit is not compatible with TravelSIM cards/credit. The SIM card is blocked for outgoing calls. Incoming calls are allowed. 

The SimHERO provided by the Austrian mobile network operator is intended for use in dog tracking collars. Tracker Oy sells and operates the service from Finland and is not responsible for quality, service, or changes in roaming partner conditions.
All SIM card services are provided by SIMHERO / Freeeway GmbH. The operator can change the subscription conditions. Tracker transfers the subscriptions as such and Tracker is not responsible for the operation, disruption or technical changes to the subscriptions. The operator's technical support can be contacted at the e-mail address: