Tracker - Annual License

Tracker - Annual License

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Tracker annual license 

Enjoy the ultimate hunting experience together with your dog and your hunting team.  

Tracker 1-year license is the right choice for you whether you are hunting with your dog, in a club, or alone. With Tracker App, you can reliably keep track in real-time of your own position, your fellow hunters’ and your dog’s positions on high-quality maps. It offers you a good selection of terrain maps with high-resolution satellite and aerial imageries that accurately support movements on the ground and enhance security. It is a smart and easy-to-use tool that allows you to effectively communicate within the group in real-time and so help you take the right action at the right time. 

 Available for download 

Tracker for Android App in Google PlayStore. 

Tracker Hunter 4 for iPhone and iPad in AppStore. 

Accurate positioning on high-quality maps: 

Tracker offers an excellent selection of up-to-date terrain maps for reliable and seamless navigation: Highly detailed terrain maps with property boundaries from Finland, waterways and navigation marks from lakes and sea areas, nautical maps from Finland and Norway, snowmobile paths as well as the world-wide Tracker Topo – OpenStreetMap-based terrain maps with contours and DigitalGlobe™ satellite images. 

In addition, detailed terrain maps incl.: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Norway, and Estonia are also available. 

With the MapPro annual license, you also get unlimited access to all Swedish terrain maps and satellite pictures as well as high-quality French IGN topo, aerial, and satellite imageries.  

 Multi-features dog tracking service 

Connect your tracker collar with the Tracker Live ™ service and get access to all dog tracking features. You can locate any number of dogs in real-time and track their position and activity on the map. Versatile features like precise dual barking detection, pointing alarm, geo-fence, and barking alarm keep you always alert for quick actions. It is also possible to call your dog’s collar and listen to background noises e.g. trapped animal, injured dog. 

The playback feature lets you replay and analyze any dog’s search and moves of hunting games of any day after the hunting. 

 Effective communication within a team 

Tracker brings your hunting experience to a new level. You can easily communicate and collaborate with your hunting team and take decisions based on reliable information for successful hunting.  All group members always have up-to-date information on dog tracks, targets, and shooting stands. It is easy for the hunting chief to identify and make real-time modifications on waypoints, hunting stands, etc. 

 Enhanced security 

The patented Tracker Safety ™ security feature enables you to locate other users, having Tracker Safety mode activated, anonymously on the map in a radius of 2 km (2 miles)It is a revolutionary security feature developed to reduce the risk of accidents during hunting. It is FREE for all Tracker App users (with or without a valid license)  

Free trial version!

You can try the full version of the Tracker license for 14 days. The trial period includes a limited selection of terrain maps. By updating to the full version, you will get full access to all Tracking Services: track your dog’s and friend’s position on the map and use Tracker Group. 

Note: Tracker Annual license is valid for 365 days starting from the activation date.