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A reliable connectivity solution for Tracking devices!

The Swedish Tele2 IoT SIM supports most major local operators in Europe. The card automatically selects the most efficient operator.

The card has a service life of 1 year, after which it is possible to buy additional time.

Ready to use, no PIN code.

Observe usage restrictions:

Installation and use only on the following Tracker dog collars:

  • Supra version 2.17 or later
  • G1000 versions 2.13 or later
  • G500 versions 2.13  or later 
  • G400 versions 2.13  or later 

As well as b-Bark’s dog radars with Orange collars.

Usage restrictions: 

  • The owner is obliged to update the collar to the latest version of the software.
  • Periodic SMS tracking must not be used or turned on.
  • Single location information can be requested via SMS.
  • The Tele2 SIM card must not be installed on older Tracker collars, other mobile devices, game cameras, or tablets.
  • Calling a collar equipped with a Tele2 sim card is always an international call, ie a charge according to your operator's price list.

 Cases of abuse

  • The installation of a Tele2 SIM card in a phone or other mobile device is prohibited and this is considered a violation of the terms of use. In this case, the Tele2 SIM is permanently removed and cannot be opened or restored.
  • The amount paid will not be refunded.
  • Tracker Oy has the right to recover the costs incurred.
  • If the subscription is used in violation of the terms of use, Tracker Oy has the right to terminate the subscription immediately. The subscription will not be reopened, and the amount paid will not be refunded.