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Tracker Artemis

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The new Tracker Artemis is designed and developed with new and proven technology. Besides its full support for GSM networks, it operates with new future-proof 4G (LTE) based networks NB-IoT and LTE-CAT M1. In the future, 2G and 3G networks will be replaced by IoT 4G to ensure much better reception with less power consumption, making Tracker Artemis a smart choice for the present and the future.

Tracker Artemis will guarantee for you and your dog a seamless future technological transition, once the IoT networks replace 2G & 3G networks. Furthermore, Artemis is also designed with the same super antenna, the secret behind SUPRA’s excellent coverage. The extra value, however, with Artemis is the integrated antenna, which allows it to be used without the external one when hunting in good coverage areas. 

The new lower-power electronics and bigger battery make Tracker Artemis ideal for dog tracking collar while using high frequent tracking over longer periods or when you need long autonomy. 
Main characteristics of Tracker Artemis:

Beep/whistle command

"No" and "Here" for dog training

Accurate barking detector and counter

Barking starts when within the last 10 sec there are 4 or more barks.

And, it stops when within the last 10 sec there are 0 barks or within the last 10 + 10 sec there are 1 + 1 barks. You can also adjust barking sensitivity via your app.

Bark recording command

With a single click, you can record your dog’s barking and listen directly on the map!

The sound clip is displayed on dogs’ tracks at the precise location where the dog has barked. You can also listen to bark recording at any given time after the hunt, as you can share with your friend too.

Geofence alarm

Get an immediate alert if your dog gets out of the specific area you designate.

Smart GPS mode

Artemis Automatically manages GSM and GPS settings depending on the battery level. Even with high-frequency tracking over a long period, you can still maintain a significantly longer battery life.

3*LED light

Improve your dog visibility and safety in the woods!
You can switch on/off the light remotely from the App by setting the led mode duration e.g. 15 min, 30 min, 1h, etc

Automatic Over-The-Air software update

Artemis will be automatically updated as soon as a new SW update becomes available.  
No intervention needed on your part. Access to new functions and improvements.
Technical information
Supported Networks LTE Cat M1, Nb-IoT, GSM (2G)
SIM CARD Pre-Integrated iOT SIM (offered free of charge
for the first operating year after purchase)
Satellites A-GPS + Glonass
Battery Lithium-Ion 3200 MAh 
Weight 290g (transmitter with batteries)
Operating temperature -25C / +55C