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Tracker Super Boazu

Tracker Super Boazu

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Tracker Super BOAZU is a GPS based positioning system aimed for herd tracking like reindeers in Nordic regions or other livestock tracking like goats, sheep. It shows animal’s position precisely and reliably with a very long battery life (over 300 days). With Tracker Boazu, you can easily follow your livestock movements on the map via a mobile phone, or a computer on web navigator Webtracking" 

The super BOAZU is perfect for all animals that sould be monitored in difficult conditions for long periods of time. For example, free to go animals such as sheep, cattle or horses and wild animals that are observed in research purposes. 

Easy and effortless location of a reindeer herd: 

  • Follow only your reindeers 
  • Save fuel 
  • Ease work planning 
  • Minimize animal accidents in traffic 
  • Gather reindeers quickly for the round-up 
  • Animal death detection in the surrounding area in case of a predatory attack like 
  • All data information is protected 

Easy maintenance and use: 

  • Replace battery, collar or SIM card yourself in the woods 
  • The customer support for proper use of the device and maintenance 
  • Two years warranty 

Super Boazu is available with different sizes and shapes of high quality straps: long, short, or stretchy strap suitable for instance to male reindeers. All straps are reflective and available in different colors. 

Fiberglass case very durable and resistant that lasts for years even in difficult areas or with the effect of scratching effect of stones, twigs, branches, hooves, etc. 

If you would like to know more about Tracker Boazu in reindeer hearding, call +358 50 448 8063 or email us at If you would like to use the collar for other purposes, please call +358 8 521 9290 or send an e-mail to